June Bridals ball gowns dresses cost below 100

Today is the first time I've looked at this dress in over a year. I'm not sure who this is for but it is for someone. Someone preparing for a wedding. I don't even think I know anyone planning a wedding right now. But here goes.

$100 spent for this dress to never be worn by myself other than trying it on twice. $100 for a dress for a vow renewal ceremony because we didn't have a wedding. $100 spent by us for someone else to use at her wedding.

That's all that was spent for the vow renewal ceremony that never happened. Because it's not about a ceremony. It's about life after the ceremony. You can spend thousands, tens of thousands and what what are you preparing for? A ceremony. Why not prepare for life after, prepare for the marriage?

Guys, I'm not anti-wedding. I love weddings. I love celebrating love, so does Father. But, I am pro-marriage, so is Father.

Don't wait until after the ceremony, that you have planned so meticulously, to plan for marriage. It's not about money or having everything perfect because marriage is messy and that's ok. It's how you get through that mess at the end of each and everyday. It's looking to every next day in anticipation because you can't wait to see your love, not looking to one night. It's looking toward the future and seeing yourselves 50-60 anniversaries in and seeing yourselves still in love and holding each other. It's not "I'm not getting my way so im getting divorced". And I do know there are things that divorce is truly a good thing. But when you marry the person Father has for you and you both work hard to keep love alive, you both put Him first, your marriage will thrive. June Bridals ball gowns dresses cost below 100