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[8/1, 21:00] Atafront: # THE_TENDER_HEART June Bridals long length bodycon prom wears look sexy
Episode 51
I cried all day. If someone had asked
me what my problem was,I doubt if I
I made up my mind to severe all ties I
had with both Vivian and Ebuka. I
deleted Vivian's number from my
phone and added it to the blacklist.
Two days later,Raymond and I were
on an evening stroll when he decided
we stopped at their house,rest for a
while before he walks me home. We
went to that same guest room and
started talking. We talked both off
point and on point discussions. I think
things got hot or maybe the room got
hot and we started kissing. We kissed
for a while before the party went
down to our bodies. He placed his
hand on my boobs and left them
there. He kissed my neck,my ear and
my lips. I responded to each kiss with
a moan. He started handling my
boobs. Gently,he laid me on the bed
and started working on my body.
He kissed my lips,went down to my
neck and I felt a wetness between my
legs. He slowly lifted up my singlet (I
wore a white singlet and a black
short. The idea was just to stroll). He
lifted my singlet,turned me around
and unhooked my bra. The singlet
didn't let the bra come off so he lifted
the bra too and fed on my
tips,moving from one to the other
while I encouraged him with my silent
He stopped and stared at me lovingly.
I closed my eyes,then felt him
unbuttoning my short,I raised my ass
up and he peeled my short off
together with my pants. I knew I was
very wet because I felt it. The next
minute was silent. I didn't know what
was happening because my eyes were
closed. I felt a Unclad body on me
and I opened my eyes to see
him,looking so innocent and loving.
We started kissing again and once in a
while,he'll pinch my tips while I
winced out with audible moans.
I let him explore my body. He touched
me in the most sensuous places and I
loved every bit of it.
He opened my legs and knelt between
them. His dick looked so big and long
and so pointy. I was scared but I
wanted it. There was this reassuring
look on his face and I encouraged
myself that I was ready for it.
He used his hand to direct his d**k to
my waiting p**sy. I felt the head enter
and my heart started beating as I felt
my innerwalls open up to the invader.
He pulled out and used his finger to
wet his d**k with my juices. He
directed his d**k into my hole again
and leaned into me. He started going
into me inch by inch,I felt myself
opening up to him and I loved the
feeling. He pushed hard and I jumped
in pain. It was like a tear had occurred
inside of me. I looked into his eyes
and he smiled before he started
thrusting. I felt the waves hit me and i
screamed out in joy as i felt my juices
running out of me. He was so gentle
yet the feeling was great. Minutes
later,he increased the pace of his
thrust and stared grunting. He pulled
out immediately and moaned loudly.
He slumped on top of me and I
cuddled him. We stayed like that for a
few minutes before we started
I refused to look at the bed because I
was scared of what I'll see. There
were no spoken words between us till
we got to the junction that led to my
Raymond: Thank you
Me: For what?
Raymond: Never mind. I'll leave you
here now. Take care of yourself okay
Me: You too. Good night.
He hugged me and I watched him
leave. I walked home with a feeling of
[8/1, 21:00] Atafront: # THE_TENDER_HEART
Episode 52
The relationship between Raymond
and I changed. Not negatively o
We talked every chance we got,we
texted each other frequently,life is so
good if it is moving in your favour. I
was so fulfilled and satisfied.
A week later,on my way home after
Raymond had seen me to the
junction,who did I run into?;
Me: Jesus!
I screamed in fear as memories of our
last meeting came back to my head.
Frank: Hmmm. Bet you least expected
to see me eh?
Me: I. . . what are you doing here?
Frank: This is not your house baby.
We're on the road. I've got every right
to be here.
Me: You . . . .
Frank: I've laid low for a while
now,expecting you to try and make
amends for your wrongs but I see you
never think with your head
Me: Don't insult me Franklin.
There was a look of mock surprise on
his face.
Frank: Oh! She's talking.
Me: Of course.
Frank: I see you two now have a thing
going seriously huh?
Me; Who?
Frank: I saw him walk you down to
this place. Your Van Vicker.
I smiled at the name but refused to
comment on it.
He looked at me for an answer but I
looked away.
Frank: Talk sense into him. He's a little
boy to me and I don't want to end up
beating him up.
Me: Do you think I'll fall for your weak
threats? That's the worst you can do
Frank: Eh?
Me: Frank you heard me. Raymond is
a complete opposite of your
personality. He's calm and lovely but
you're not. He's patient but you're
not. He goes for what he wants in the
most polite ways but you,you don't
even know what you want let alone
going for it.
This angered him a lot because he
started beating me up immediately. I
felt blows on my head,my chest,my
stomach,people gathered and some
boys succeeded in pulling him away
from me while I cried my heart out.
Frank: Listen to me you cheap
prostitute. I'll forgive you today
because of this people. Talk to me
anyhow again and I'll serve your dad
your cunt for breakfast. And tell that
your shameless ass of a boyfriend to
stay away from you. I don't talk twice.
He freed himself from the hold of the
boys and walked away. I stood there
crying while some women advised me
to stop going out at night alone.
I managed to hide my face from my
family. I also refused to tell Raymond
what happened. I just carried it within
me till it was time to go back to
Raymond and I couldn't see each
other(have forgotten what
happened). I went on my usual
evening stroll that Friday(would leave
for school the next day),I went down
to the primary school where Vivian
and I had gone. I went into the school
and walked round the field before I
headed for home(I was jobless). I got
to a shop,bought some chocolates
and was helping myself to it while I
walked home.
I passed by Ebuka and Frank. I didn't
say a word to them. I had walked
about six feet when I decided to go
back to them and I did;
Me: Hey!
They didn't respond but they were
Me; Wantto say hi to the both of
you,the soon to be father and the
woman beater. But since you don't
feel like talking to me,its okay. I know
you'll be busy talking about the next
girl to beat and the next girl to get
pregnant. Good luck as you plan that.
I walked away with smile on my face..
I imagined the kind of thoughts that
would be running in their heads. I got
home,ate my dinner and slept off.
The next morning,I went back to