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One Day

Part 74

*In hospital*

Mkhonza:::Shame Hi
Tracy:::Shame Hi back
Mkhonza:::I thought death swallowed your Ass long time ago
Tracy:::Hahahaha shame on you I'm still alive dear
Mkhonza:::Yeah shame on me coz my nightmare still haunts me, I hate you now more than ever
Mkhonza:::Its not funny
Tracy:::It is to me
Mkhonza:::What are you doing here?
Tracy:::I'm here to see my husband
Mkhonza:::Hahahaha Yooooh!!,,,fuck you Tracy,,,I'm not a fool
Tracy:::Yes you are,,I don't believe you sent your brother to do your dirty work
Mkhonza:::Mxm I don't know what you talking about
Tracy:::Shame you know exactly what I'm talking about, I came here for one thing
Mkhonza:::Say it and Leave!!
Tracy:::I'm giving you another chance
Tracy:::And now?..you think this is a joke?
Mkhonza:::Yes it is to me dear, yesterday you spoke about the divorce and now things are different,,what happened between then and now?
Tracy:::Lets get things straight here, do you want a divorce?
Tracy:::Cool now shut up and be a Man not a Stupid Cop!!
Tracy:::From now on, my rules, my way,,take it or leave it
Mkhonza:::Nxx Voestek wena,,are you crazy?,,,I'm still the Man of the house, I'm still the Head of the house,,what the hell are you talking about?
Tracy:::I said take it or leave it,,you listen to me nicely,,tell you brother to leave me alone or else ill report him to the police for woman abuse, do you hear me?
Mkhonza:::Woman abuse!! (Shocked)
Tracy:::Yes,,Woman abuse,,tell him not to beat me again,,I'm still your wife, you should protect me from your evil brother
Mkhonza:::He did what?
Tracy:::He slapped me last night, and you never did that shit to me
Mkhonza:::(angry),,I'm gonna kill him, I swear!!
Tracy;::That's a lie, just tell him to leave me alone please!!
Mkhonza:::I will, don't worry my love, where are my kids?
Tracy:::at home waiting for you, get well soon they need you!!
Mkhonza:::For them I will, hopefully ill be out of here soon, I missed them so much
Tracy:::it is time for me to go,ill come back tomorrow
Mkhonza:::Please kiss me before you leave
Tracy:::Don't push it, step by step dear,,goodbye for now!!
Mkhonza:::What is this?,,,A punishment?
Tracy:::I don't know but I'm not in the mood for that, byeooo!!

*She left him hanging*

Mkhonza:::Tracyyyy come back here woman, I'm not done with you, come back here damnit!!,,,Shit my wife is crazy!!

*Zinhle's place*

Mbali:::Friend we need to go out and look for wedding dresses
Zinhle:::Eish,,True my friend,,I cant wait to fit mine
Mbali:::Me too, you know this feels like a dream to me, I still don't believe it

Dad:::Wait a minute, what are you talking about Mbali?

Mbali:::I'm getting married too Dad

Dad:::Holy Spirit must come down,,Hallelujah Jesus Christ I thank you Lord of mercy, I feel blessings all over my soul,, Thank you,,Thank you,,Eish come here Girls give me a big hug

*They did just that, in tears*

Zinhle:::Its a blessing Dad, I'm happy for my friend too

Dad:::Mbali your parents are watching you high and low, and God is with you, I'm with you too, I'm happy for you my child, Zinhle pour me a glass of whiskey please, I feel like screaming right now, My Girls are getting married its unbelievable, I need to buy another suit for your wedding too, hahahaha I am happy, happy,, happyyyy!! JuneBridals bohemian plus figure wedding gowns

Zinhle:::Noooo Dad not another one please


Mbali:::Zinhle don't spoil his mood

Dad:::She's crazy I'm buying it tomorrow,, and tell Trevor I need to see him, I want to thank him too for blessing my angel with a wedding, Girls let me go out for a walk ill talk to you later, I want to stretch my legs a little bit

Mbali:::Don't go too far Dad

Zinhle:::Lol he's stubborn when it comes to that.

Dad:::Hahahaha my ears are not deaf wena Zinhle,, I heard that,,,bye Girls!!

Zinhle:::Hahaha bye Daddy!!

Mbali:::He's one crazy old man,,I like him a lot

Zinhle:::Hahahaha my friend I love him this days, he rocks my world too, so when do we go for shopping?

Mbali:::Anytime is tea time for me

Zinhle:::Lets go now, I don't mind

Mbali:::Okay cool, I am happy for that, let me call my hubby first.

Zinhle:::lol, do that dear!

Trevor:::My Mrs Hi
Mbali:::Hahaha Hi Babe, how are you over there?
Trevor:::I'm kinda busy, but I'm not too busy for you sweetheart
Mbali:::Wow, I feel unique and special when you treat me like that!
Trevor:::You're special to me dear, don't doubt that
Mbali:::Thanks hubby,,we going to town right now dear
Trevor:::With who?
Mbali:::My best friend Zinhle
Trevor:::Hahaha its hard to separate you two this days, nice i like it
Mbali:::Hahaha she's my sister, can I separate you and Thabo?
Trevor:::You better kill me first before you attempt that,,hahahaha but you come first before him right?
Mbali:::I know Babe,,Ill see you later,,I love you Bye!!
Trevor:::I love you too sweetness,,Bye!!

Thabo:::I am serious Babe, I want us to fly away to Loveland where only you and me exists
Zinhle:::Yooooh,,you dream too much Babe
Thabo:::Hahaha I don't dream I live it
Zinhle:::I see that, don't change Boo, I love you to death, I'm happy in your arms

Mbali:::Mmmmmh!! Nice.

Thabo:::I wont change even a bit, I love you to death too

Mbali:::it is time to go my friend, I'm in a hurry, hahahaha sorry!!

Zinhle:::Hahahaha don't be jealous
Thabo:::And now?
Zinhle:::Sorry dear,,uMbali uyaphapha here!!
Thabo:::Say Hi to her
Zinhle:::I will dear,,I'm going to town with her,,ill see you later okay!! Work well over there.
Thabo:::I will dear,,I love you Bye!!

Zinhle:::Ncooooa Babe I love you more,,Byeoooo!!

Thabo:::Sharp,,sharp sweetheart,,Bye!!

Zinhle:::Eish my friend I feel like I'm gonna explode

Mbali:::Hahaha shut up,,lets leave!!

Zinhle:::Tjo!!don't bite me!!

Mbali:::hahahaha,,I only bite one Man on earth not you!!

Zinhle:::Mmmh how sweet, bite him dear, he's all yours!!

Mbali:::No doubt, you can say that again!!

Zinhle:::Enough about Men,,lets think about our white dresses!

Mbali:::Now you talking,,lets go!!

Zinhle:::hahahaha okay friend!!