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I am looking for direction and any comment will help me. I will try and keep this short. Murphy was diagnosed end of march with hemangiosarcoma...had a mass tucked under kidney which was removed April 2nd. He had 5 rounds of chemo which he handled very well..had check up on Saturday Nov 1st and he has a little heart arrhythmia and low blood pressure (he has had a couple episodes of syncope) sunday after his check up became very ill vomiting and diareah with awful stomach ache ... .he was at vet all day Monday and they ran tests and found his spleen is a little enlarged. Dr wants to aspirate it to see if cancer has spread to spleen..I feel I've put him through enough stress and he has survived past his prognosis but I don't want him to suffer..would it be best to have spleen removed or let him live out his days in peace..I'm so torn..I'm don't want his last days to be in pain...any help.I know you can't decide for me but was just looking to see what your thoughts would be. JuneBridals semi informal large size gown below 100

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