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Good morning! Yesterday I said I'd tell you a little about my physical therapy and how we're seeing if I'll regain any movement back there -

Within my first couple of days of being in my foster home, the people at AZ Happy Tails got me an appointment with a specialist to see what was going on with my legs. I'm not sure if you can see it in the picture, but the first x-ray is of my spine where there's a severe fracture in some of my vertebrae. The second x-ray is of my pelvis ... , which you can see is pretty flattened. Initially, they thought my paralysis was caused by trauma to the spinal cord during birth, but after seeing these x-rays it was determined it was more likely from being hit/run over by a car and left to heal on my own. It had all pretty much healed by the time I got to the States, so there was nothing surgery could do to fix anything. And (and this is kind of embarrassing) they found out that I will never regain any control of my bladder or bowel functions. Things just come out when they come out. Unless my foster mom expresses them, but I'll still go potty if my bladder is full so I have to wear belly bands all the time. beach wedding wears suitable for mother of the bride

Moving on - The next thing we looked into is physical therapy. This has been pretty cool, except the swimming part. We do swim therapy, and I've even been in an underwater treadmill (I'll share a video of that later), as part of my rehab just to help me gain muscle in my legs and build my endurance. I also got my first wheelchair which was my favorite! I found I could go so much faster in my wheels than scooting around the house!! Later I'll share some videos of my swimming and me movin' in my wheels. # staytuned # wyattthewarrior # physicaltherapy # mystory # azhappytails # rescuedog # fosterpup # paralyzedpuppy

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