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Happy Birthday to a God fearing, faith walking, love God more than Life, she's Loving to all because God is Love. "There's a Story behind that Smile!!!
3 yrs. Ago I was stricken with Bacterial Meningitis BUT GOD, looked Beyond and Kept Me for such a time and Season. I was literally pulling my hair out mind head, my family didn't know what was wrong neither did I. But GOD, they've always known me to be the strong,independent, caring,God Fearing,loving,and supportive to whom ever family and friends. Never once did I nor them know how sick I was. They took me to NPMC Hospital, and Thank God for Dr. Deluca,and the ER staff. Dr. Deluca did a Emergency Spinal Tap, for his last result, because I was Dying and I didn't know. But God, know one could never in life that God ain't REAL!!! I was literally pulling my hair out, trying to leave the hospital, and more. So, when the doctor performed the Spinal Tap I screamed sooo loud,I went in a coma, I had 3 seizures and a stroke. But God, knew he had a plan for me. My Family had me Air lifted to UAMS in LR. I was on a coma for six weeks. How many know that God will Keep You. Psalms 28:5 " For in the Day of trouble he will you safe in his dwelling, he will Hide you in the shelter of His Tabernacle and set you High upon a Rock. God kept me from the pain I endured. While in my resting stage , I went to Heaven and Hell. In Heaven my Grandmother and Grandfather came to me, as I was a Child, but then I went I went to Hell and Battled with the Devil over my Son Ernest Dewayne Lemons Jr. Whom is still with us today. By God's Grace and Mercy ' I WON, and I will continue to Plead the Blood of Jesus over my son, grandson, brothers, cousins,nephews,family and friends that the Devil trying to Destroy!!! But God!!! So in Closing on this Special Day ,My Rebirth I mean no one can't tell me nor my Family, My Pastor Michael Smith and Co- Pastor Sarah Smith , an many more Prayer Warriors that know what I went through Locally, Statewide, and Nation wide that God is a Healer,,Deliver, Redeemer, and a Restorer. " All though I went Through the Fire of death, I came out victorious and Restored the Queen I Am. I'm Back, I'm Here,and I'm Stronger than ever Before!!! bohemian wedding dresses for sale