casual and informal wedding wears look flapper

Between twitter/facebook/instagram ive been swamped with inboxes about hair...not sure how much it'll help but here is my product list

No grease, chemicals, and heat only 2 times a year

No gels with the exception of jam (actually decent for ur hair)


Clip ends probably twice a year

No shampoo...cowasher here every couple of weeks

Leave in conditioner is the route to go for daily moisture

Cholesterol, caster oil, egg, mango, olive oil make a great hair conditioner as well

Hairfinity is not gonna make your hair grow! Go to the drug store, get some vitamin e and biotin crush em, add it to ur product (thank me later)...great for skin too casual and informal wedding wears look flapper

Working out n a good diet

Grow away!

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