casual items for the mother of the bride to wear in the summer

Wow! Wow! Wow!


From METH To Plexus...WOW..
This is one of the best stories yet about Plexus if you ask me.

It is just amazing!!!
This is some of Leo's story!

"My journey started off just like y'alls.
I needed a change in my life.
Better diet, better energy, lose some weight, get off Meth.
You know every day things.
Addiction is not a joke but lets keep this a celebration of hope, empowerment and life.

My story is simple and straight forward.
I used drugs for 35 long self inflicted, choking on a silver spoon years.
Treatment= been there , AA NA CA MA= done it, group hugs= 1000's, parents yelling= everyday, family crying= always, countless promises= every time I got caught, empty promises= more like it, suicidal tendencies= you betcha...... casual items for the mother of the bride to wear in the summer
Just couldn't stop using.
June 1st, 2014 with my family gone, this time most likely forever.
My sister calls and says she found a product that she thinks will help.
Plexus Slim, Boost, PB5, Bio Cleanse.
I said yes, joined as an Ambassador unknowingly what was ahead.
The products arrived and the leap of faith began.
I took The Pink Drink at 6:00 am June 1st with 2 boost and 4 Bio Cleanse.
At 6:00 pm I took 4 PB5.
I also drank as much water as humanly possible.
I have repeated that process for 297 days today.
The additional things I added were after the first thirty days I started taking 2 XFactor at 6:00 am daily.
I also take the Pain relief daily and the Nerve Health 2 tablets at 6:00 am.
The Block I take when I'm eating bad carbs which happens more often than not.
I have done liver cleanses, and I'm in the beginning stages of a kidney cleanse.

My good friends at the Gracer Medical Group provided me with additional vitamins that I took for the brain.
I want to be clear on 1 thing, until the PB5, and the Bio Cleanse started cleaning out my system, the harsh chemicals or drugs, were not going anywhere.
Hence getting clean compared to staying clean wasn't going to happen.
I have said many times in the past, I can get clean but I just cant stay clean.
The difference this time was the ridding my body of the toxins, repairing my vital organs to proper function and reaping the benefits of feeling high, naturally by drinking The Pink Drink.
So in closing, if you are struggling with drug addiction or someone you love is, give Plexus a fair shot at cleaning the toxins out first.

It will help turn the page. Life's Good.
Thank God for Plexus!
And for me I can Thank Plexus fir God!
They worked together."
Leo Scholz"

This is why I love sharing Plexus because it can literally change your health and even save a life.
If you know someone struggling with any kind of addiction I'd love to help them have hope again and to be able to overcome that addiction.