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We have moved past the worst of it

There we stood by the ocean
Reaching out to each other
Sealing our vows against the winds of the North Westerly
The dress I chose was the colour of foaming surf.
You wore jeans.
Hands joined our words echo across every ripple, every tear.
Places, parties, walks, we played our love out on the beach.
In this solemn place, on this solemn rock, on this solemn ledge we fly like Wendy and Peter Pan.
Over the troubled seas of all the faces, all the places, all the parties, all the dinners, all the winners, all the losers, all the wining and all the dining, we became flesh; one.
"Over that horizon there's a place."
You extend your hand and in it is a band of gold.
You hold it up an close one eye and look through the golden portal like a scope.
I see your lips moving, "Over the horizon."
I dream of the place, I dream of the place, I dream of the party, I dream of the people, I dream of the dinners, I dream of the winners, I dream of the me, that would finally be with you.
Summer was at its peak, and the weight of weddings and and people and places, faces and races, parties and startings, finishing and losing came crashing down.
The rings, the things, the drums, the sticks, the wine and the tears, the beers and the stories, the losses and the losers all gathered at the parties and the wedding that was not.
There was a shift and the world collapsed.
The time was right but the world was wrong, and rehearsals stopped, and the water kept sweeping over the sand.
The sand and the sea, and the you and the me, and the way we were all flew like albatross over the big wide blue, green ocean of tears.
When the boxes and stock and the meals were served, we put away our sheet music and retreated to the church.
There were no more faces, and places, parties, and smarties, longing and songing and the liars and friers all switched off like power that had been stuck by the lightening in the sky.
Somehow we talked through all these things, we began to understand each other and all those things, the meaning of the rings, the songs that we stopped to sing, and in these things we grew.
So now on the couch we both have ballooned out, working it out, taking it in, finding the us back in this thing called a relationship.
We have found a peace in our frustrations, and the conversations that cause us grief, are things that don't really mean that much in the long run. Who needs to fight about the night of the parties, and the dinners, the winners and the grinners, the losers and the fuses, and the righters and the wrongers, its how in the end we get along. Now that we have gone this far, we finally see that we have moved past the worst of it. dusty pink pastel dresses for bridesmaid