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Today I wrote my heart out, my best FILES ever, I could even end here.

X - Files from the village

In our culture when the mother of your wife dies, you the son in law are not supposed to attend the burial. Our culture prohibits contact between bamasaala. Bamasaala are parents of your husband or wife; you can't enter your in-laws' bedroom, share a chair; you cannot shake hands with an in-law of the opposite sex. A woman cannot use the same latrine as her father in-law.


When Wetunga used to drink a little more than he is supposed to, he would turn into a loose mouth. He had grown a habit of abusing people and revealing secrets. It is for this reason that before he died, Wetunga had cast a spell on his son and son's wife. It is now unfortunate he died before lifting the curse.


It was however, her fault that she annoyed her father in law to this extent. How could she? A father in law is not supposed to even see your knees. Lifting her skirt to her husband's father and showing him her behind was horrible. In retaliation, Wetunga cursed his elder son's wife. Till he died, his son Watiila has never fathered a child with his wife Namwatikho.


Namwatikho is Watila's wife and Watiila was Wetunga's son which Wetunga drowned at Marekero 3 weeks ago. Two years ago when Watiila had just married Namwatikho from Budadiri, she proved to be a bad woman. She insisted and always quarreled with people who called her Namwatikho and not Namwadiko as she preferred. But it was a matter of her understanding us. We the Bagisu from South and Central have a dialectic difference. For example Nandutu is Nandudu, Nakuti is Nagudi, Negesa is Nekesa. So you cannot easily change us to call you in Ludadiri because we also think that they are not pronouncing words correctly. But Namwatikho never tolerated anyone calling her so. She could abuse, fight or beat anyone who twisted her name. But that is not why she stripped for her father in law. But when she did it, because everyone never liked her, everyone blamed her. flower girl wears in red


On that day two years ago Wetunga had gone drinking early in the morning (it happens after harvest because there is not much work to do). Namwatikho was a bride of 6 months but never got along with many other people apart from her fellow Nabudadiri who was herself calm and respectful. It was at that time when she met with her father in law and she asked him, "Father when will you ever be sober if you spend all day drinking?". This did not go down well with Wetunga who did not like her but had avoided her for the sake of family.

Coupled with the alcohol effect, hell broke loose and Wetunga started a tirade of abuses on Namwatikho. He called her all the bad names that I cannot say here. Being one who was not liked no one cared to calm Wetunga and all people around left him to continue. You could see people smiling from ear to ear. Being what she is, she could not take it anymore and when she began abusing her father in law everyone sent their children to the house lest they hear the obscene insults being exchanged. Before they could reach her, Namwatikho lifted her skirt and showed her behind to her father in law then walked away to her house. This was enough to send alcohol intoxication off Wetunga's head.


An event like what happened could not go without mention. It happened two years ago but it is remembered vividly like it happened yesterday. Now Wetunga is dead and was buried but its effects remain up to today. Wetunga cursed Namwatikho's womb. The one she was carrying was birthed prematurely and the baby died. Since then she has had 4 miscarriages in 2 years. Her father in law's death must have been a relief to her but there are times when a curse lasts long even after the person who cast it has passed on. For the case of Namwatikho, Wetunga died before lifting the curse. As we speak she has gone to the village midwife but her days have not reached. It may be the same story.


Till now Namwatikho is still at the village midwife's place. After the event I told you about Namwatikho changed a lot. If it was not for her reforming, the elders had resolved to banish her. It however also took the intervention of Muduku who is a highly respected government official for the elders to rescind the banishment of Namwatikho and her husband. Since then she has reformed and apologised to all people that she wronged. All seem to have forgiven her; Wetunga didn't.

At midday I beat a path through the shrub to also check on Namwatikho. The fruitless labour pains and the curse has taken the toll on a once lively woman; she has lost her beauty. Lying on a mat, her head supported by another folded mat and a heap of rag clothes; when she opened her eyes and saw me, I thought she recognised me and in pain she tried to smile but couldn't. She moved her hand as if to hold me but let it fall back.
I could not hold back my tears. I then remembered that last time when she had shown me the world in our banana plantation! It was my first sex after circumcision commonly known as "Kumulindi".

As I walked away, I heard a sharp piercing cry right from the house that I had just left Namwatikho in. I stood transfixed debating in mind whether to go back or continue forward!

She has died a bitter death!

Till then, we shall keep you posted!


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