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my response to Kat Blaque question about if there is a point explainign racism to white folks "I usually just refer them to primary resources .. and also to stuff i have written on the issues. and ask them to go do thier own homework .
White folks can take the time to go learn Kliong .. or study the intricacies and back stories of their fav fictional characters .. So i challenge them to take half that effort, and go unlearn their racism/whitepriviledge ..
I don't mind answering questions of those who have taken the time to do their own homework .. in the tech worlds.. we use the acronym RTFM (read the f** manual )
but i remind them that slavery is supposed to be over, so white-folks should stop expecting us to do all the work .. If they truly care.. they will do their homework .. instead of expecting us to spoon feed them .
in the last 10yrs or so .. i have asked white folks who claim they want to knwo more about racism .. to do their homework, and feel free to ask me about any things that are unclear .. saddly .. there have been less than 5 white folks, in 10 years.. who have taken me up on my offer .. Most say they are gonna research and get back to me .. there are many good reasone why some of our ancestors called them "those who speaked with forked tongue" ... garments with black lace for wedding ceremony