high neck collar wedding selections

Calling all my faithful prayer warriors, Billy only has 4 radiation treatments left but this past week has been the worst so far, his tongue, lips, and cheeks are covered in ulcers and his neck is very painful, eating has really become almost impossible, he is taking ensure and some high calorie smoothies as he can, nutrition is very difficult and he is determined to not get a feeding tube, please continue to pray for his comfort as well as healing. It hurts to talk so those of you who know him, know this is miserable for him, thank you for not calling him but if you'd like to text him, he'd love to hear from you. Thanks again for everyone that's prayed, called, taken care of us and all the other things you've done for us. We know God will continue to heal him, He has been so good to us through this entire ordeal. high neck collar wedding selections