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years ago a young couple drove up to the rest area an the young man got out of the car he looked to be about 17 he went to the bath room win he came back out she went win she finished thay went back to the car a few minutes later we hear her screaming an crying so it got our attention!. The boy got out of the car an went to sit on the bench to get away from the girl. I could not keep my noise out of it . I went to the young man an ask what was wrong he would not say a word he was crying too so I walk over to the car we're the crying girl was an ask her what was going on an can I help her at first she wouldn't talk eather I look down an seen that she was pregnant about 6 mounth look like. I said o my gosh girl talk to me I wona help u but u got a tell me what's wrong. She broke into harder tears an said I don't no what to do this baby's comein in a few months an we r homeless both of there parents cut them loose an pushed them out thay went as for as thay could on what money thay had tryin to get to some friends who was willing to take in if thay could get there. They were both hungry,tired an broke so people hurd me telling there storey we gathered up $50 an all the food we could get truck drivers was getting food from there trucks to give them I made sure that thay new that all thay have is each other so be kind.i made sure thay were ok blessed them on there way God puts people in ur path for a reason. lace up wedding dresses