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***Here's Some Semi-Private Training Success Tips***

Maybe you've thought of transitioning, or maybe you want to start out with this primary model, or maybe you just want to know if it's for you/your business.

Personally, it is a model I love. It took me time to understand it, fully experience what it has to offer but the honest truth is I never looked back.

It is a model though, and like 1-1, group, online training you need to find a model that suits you. Here are a few tips regarding the SP model.

1. Irrelevant of the model it needs to match your coaching style.

2. It's one on one in a small group setting.

3. It's not a white board session.

4. If transitioning start on the low end of client:coach ratio and find your sweet spot.

5. You'll fuck up but that's ok. It's change - and you, your team, your business will need to adapt.

6. For smooth transitions understand how your clients will/may feel and crush their doubt and fear surrounding it.

7. Client experience and service doesn't need to drop. Don't let it.

8. When changing elements within your business personally approach each client, and listen to them. If they have questions understand where they are coming from, and show them your 'why' behind decisions. They aren't essentially going to influence your decisions but they are the life of your business. Do a dam good job at showing them that you care, and you are willing to show why moving forward is a positive. lattest chic prom garment for plus size ladies

9. Typically 3-5:1 client to coach, but it can vary. Find your ratio.

10. It can leverage your time, but it doesn't mean it's easier. It'll test you, and test your coaching and communication skills. Sharpen them, and keep upskilling.

11. You aren't selling sessions.

12. Transitioning can take time and foresight. It won't happen overnight, especially if you are transitioning the entire business to a new model.

13. For smooth transition systemise everything. Fine tune your client's ideal journey. From lead, to initial meeting, to being a staying, paying, referring client. Document how you greet clients, how you talk, your conduct, dress code etc. This creates a uniform approach across your entire business and all staff are on the same page (and clients experience a consistent level of service every day).

14. Understand your products inside out when communicating with clients/potential clients. A common question I receive is not knowing how to sell clients in with this model. The reality is it's like any model/product - Know your market, and provide a solution.

15. Sessions don't need to be scheduled around client goals. Mixed goal types can be coached in the same session. Preparation and planning is key.

16. Get feedback often. Use formal feedback forms, but also feedback off long standing clients can be very valuable. Honest clients will let you know, and you can use it to adapt as needed.

I could keep going, but for now here's some useful tips for you.

Any questions? Pop below.
Any thoughts?

- Shannan

ps Recently I presented on this exact topic to over 100 fitness professionals. It went down like a treat, and I've just uploaded these slides into one of my groups dedicated to fitness professional development. If you want access, and these slides, pop 'Access Please' below and I'll get you the link to the group.