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Season 2
Episode 30

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With a high speed, Raymond picked up his phone and called Henry.
"Hello, bro" Henry said from the other side of the phone.
"Guy, are you at home?" Raymond asked.
"Yes, how didn't go?"
"The result proved negative"
"You don't mean it!" he stood up and sat down on the bed.
"I'm on my way coming"
"Okay, Bro"
The line went dead.
Henry called Amanda at the same time telling her to come over to the house...

Mr Dickson walked into Mr Thompson's office who was also about going to his house. Hence, he was surprise to see him in his office.
"Mr Dickson, i was about coming to your house" Mr Thompson said. "Please, sit down" he added and Mr Dickson sat down removing his hat.
"My wife just called me telling me that the test proved negative"
"That is why I'm also here to apologise for how i have reacted towards you and your family. Please, just for.."
"No, no, no" Mr Thompson interrupted him. "You acted like every other human being" he leaned forward. "Now, who did she say is responsible for the pregnancy?" he asked.
"One jonsing idiot from Australia and also in prison!" Mr Dickson replied with all anger.
"Oh my God! This is serious!"
"I will make sure she join him in prison!" Mr Dickson concluded and stood up
"Please, take it easy on her" Mr Thompson said and watched him left the office. "Children of nowadays.." he said to the hearing of nobody and carried his suitcase. He pressed his pocket to see it his car key was there. Then, he shook his head positively hearing the sound of the key in his pocket.

Henry and Raymond sat in the room. They could hear the noise of children playing outside.
"I don't believe that Emmanuella could be so mean to play this kind of game" Raymond said.
"Guy, women can do worst than that" Henry replied.
"Guy, you should have seen the expression on her face as her secret was revealed. She nearly fainted"
"Chai..Then who's the biological.." Henry wanted to asked but the presence of Amanda who came inside in a hurry interrupted him.
"Come, is it true that the girl played away match?" she asked looking at Raymond who smiled at her words.
"Yes, she did" he replied.
"Oh mehn, i told you that girl must be a player!"
"So, who is responsible for the pregnancy?" Henry completed his question.
"I don't know, i believe that the person is in Australia because the pregnancy is two months old"
"Chai.. She should go back to Australia" Amanda said.
"So, what next between you and Marvelous now?" Henry asked and they listened to hear Raymond's reply. He was silent looking at Amanda and suddenly brought down his head in silent.
"Guy, why you dey eye my babe?" Henry said jokingly in pigin English and Raymond laughed. "Abeg respond and stop eying my babe" he added.
"I miss her so much" Raymond said seriously. "I just wish she forgives me and accept me back" he added.
"She will, just give her a try" Amanda said with a low voiced and laid down on the bed placing her head on Henry's thighs.
Suddenly, Raymond's phone rang-his father was calling.
"Hello, Dad"
"Where are you?"
"At a friend's place"
"I want to see you"
"Okay, dad"
The line went dead.

Raymond came inside the sittingroom and found his father and mother already sitted on the hard cushions.
"Good day, dad"
"Seat down" the father said and he took a seat looking at him.
"Son, I'm proud of you, not because you took advantage of Ella but because of you stood and fought for your right and instincts"
Raymond smiled. "Thank you Dad" he said.
The father continued, "I also apologise for not adhering to your words and understand your point of view"
"Is okay, dad"
"Once again we are proud of you" the father concluded and looked at his wife who was smiling broadly.

Mr Dickson come back, barking like a dog. Even Musa entered into his small apartment when he heard his voice. "Me, i no follow, oga" he said and locked the door.
"Where is that girl!!" Mr Dickson shouted from the parlour. Hearing his voice, Ella's heart skipped as she sat on her bed. The father rushed upstairs and bagged into her room with a forced which made Ella ran close to the wall. The father wanted to descend on her but his wife held him round his shoulder. "Please, forgive her. No matter what she's still my child, abeg you" she said. long floor length evening selections in black
"This girl has brought a big disgrace and shame to this family!!"
"I know, but don't kill her for me" the wife was still holding his waist.
"Better get ready to meet your Joncing man wherever he is because you are not going to stay here" the father concluded and left the room. Mrs Dickson disdained Ella and also left.

Few hours later, Ella thought of the humiliation and embarrassment, her mind went to Marvelous. "She's the cause of all this things" she thought and stood up walking around the room. "Yes, i have agreed, i will go back to Australia but Marvelous will never live to marry Raymond" she concluded in her mind and picked her phone.