long sleeve prom dresses 2019

WHEN GRANDAD WAS TOP OF THE BOPPERS long sleeve prom dresses 2019

Here come Johnny, Dougie
and Ray
Heading for the Vic down
St Ann's Way,
With Tony Curtis forehead
And feet shod I fluorescent

Skin tight pants with the
new 'zip' fly,
Long drape jacket and
Slim Jim tie.
Brothel creepers for added
'Teds' dressed up for a
Friday night.

Plastic popper beads at
their throats,
The girls arrive and check
their coats,
There's Patsy, Gwen and
Peggy Harris
Who share a dab of an
evening in Paris.

Bill Hayley kiss curls
frame their face,
As they hitch their nylon
seams in place,
Securing the padding in
their Whirlpool bra,
This giggle of girls now
head for the bar.

Ignoring the Teds while
'clocking' their gear,
The Elvis sideburns, Cliff
Richard leer.
Tottering by on a whiff
of perfume
They bypass the lads to
the end of the room.

It's Babycham for these
young lasses
While Teds sup shandy
in half-pint glasses.
Odd to think these girls
and lads
Will be tomorrow's mums
and dads.

Throughout the nation, at
village hops,
Kids gathered to jig to Top
Of The Pops,
A just reward for a week
of work -
The factory hand, the
miner and clerk.

A matter of pride, never
been on the dole,
Now they Creep and Jive
and Rock and Roll.
This is the cream of
Fifties youth,
Fresh and pure and short
in the tooth.

Skirts tight on knees and
known as 'Hobble',
Force tiny steps to make
bums wobble,
Or sugar stiff skirts of
fancy net
They stuck to legs when
jived up a sweat.

Reet Petite had them
swirling, whirling,
Kiss curls bouncing,
quiffs uncurling.
Spinning feet in winkle
Show stocking tops and
lacy knickers.

The lights now dim as
the beat slows down,
The lads make a grab
for the best lass around.
With head on his shoulder,
she'll dance and hum
And fight to keep hands
off her bum!

This is how grandad met
his wife,
And she's made him happy
all his life.
See his sepia pics, when
of hair he'd lots,
And see him smile at those
fluorescent socks!