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The Ideal Man

Take off your shoes and come close in silent awe and adoration. Come close, just as Moses drew near to the burning bush.

I give you the loving intimacy of being your friend, but I am also God. The wonder of our relationship, the miracle of your intimacy with Me, will mean so much more to you if you sometimes see the majestic figure of the Son of God.

Come close in absolute confidence. That is the most eloquent prayer. Come close. No crying out from far away even though I am a God clothed with majesty of fire. Come close. Come close, not as a beggar, but as a listener. I am the beggar, as I make My wishes known to you. For this majestic God is your brother, too, longing so intensely that you would serve your fellow man, and longing, even more intensely, that you would be true to that vision that He has of you. long sleeve wedding guest dresses

You speak about your fellow man as disappointing you, as falling short of the ideal you had of him. How do you think I feel? For every man, there is the ideal man I see in him. The man he could be, the man I would like him to be.

Consider how heartbroken I am when he fails to fulfill that promise. The disappointments of man may be great and many, but they are nothing compared to My disappointments. Remember this, and strive to be the friend I see in My vision of you.