middle school graduation dresses

Thank you to my MAID of honor Renae Anlair and all my bridesmaids Ariana Ortega-Castrellon Monica Vega Adriana Lisette Niani Akilah Ife Bianca Rivera Pastor Vanessa Vega my Jr bridesmaid Malena, Usherettes Sarianaa Martinez Citlali Santamaria Teresa Sanders THE AMAZING BRIDE ASSISTANTS Thy Thoeut Erin Gregory Stephanie Weisberg Jessica Garcia Elle Sin-Apellido Flower Girl JZ Lerrah. Hair by Tammy De Leon te amo! Make up Iris Warren hair team Britt Bee also my Madrina DE Villa Rosa strait up the bodyguard...La Diva Maya Santamaria MI mama tan bella Elsa Vega-Perez for encouraging us to do US, making sure everything was amazing and making us happy! Mama Myra!!!!! Titi Maria Vega the dress was amazing and beautiful like you! Titi Isa Nelson Perez Auntie Belle Rivera for paradise in Luquillo. Tania Galaviz De Espinoza for burning copal and being the hermana you are to us. Giselle Mejia for your beauty and dancing spirit which graced our trip! I love u! Milissa Silva Diaz for all the bachelorette fun and smiles. Titi Bridget Rosario-Vega capias were amazing!!! Adja Monsio your friendship and love is beautiful Amelia Davis for picking sage and Tami Liberty for my special gifts WOW!!! QUE BODA! Y'all made our special day 4ever beautiful, MAGICAL, Peaceful and perfect! We are forever grateful! Mujeres gracias!! middle school graduation dresses # DragonLadies # BridalSquad # mariamujawedding