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Thrilled to see a fresh bunch or malunggay (moringa) leaves at the newly opened Filipino supermarket in Mississauga! One of my earliest childhood memories was helping our househelp as a toddler remove the leaves from the stem to prep for our lunch/supper. Growing up, malunggay was a big staple in our diet, as we had a huge tree infront of our house that grew its leaves profusely. My Ilocano dad was a big fan and would nag me to eat it as it 'would make your hair super lustrous and thick'. I guess he's right as now it has been declared a super food and has been dried and capsuled by pharmaceuticals. Its rich in VitC, Pottasium, Iron and Calcium. The frozen version has always been in North America, but glad to see some enterprising folks have now made fresh ones available. Get yours in your asian supermarket now..for a couple of dollars a bunch, i think its a steal for its health benefits. My family is being introduced to it the first time..hoping my son gives it a thumbs up! midi dresses for wedding guest