modest lds prom party selections . Girls Just Want to Have Fun is heard as a shopping mall can be seen full of clothes shops.Finally, Allie is seen in one of them trying out different clothes on.

" This is sooooooooooooo cute. I like this bikini, this would make me look so hot. Wow so many to chose from, this is heaven,yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I need to look especially hot for tonight because tonight is a special night. Tonight the whole of NCW will want to have fun with like the hottest addition of the century, Allie. I cannot understand how many people are just focused on drama and anger whole fun is forgotten. I say no more because FUN is back in NCW. oooooooooooooo that shirt is so nice, I want it. Sorry, I get distracted, now where was I, oh NCW, yes tonight it will be special.

I am a very special wrestler because people think I am easy to beat but that is not the truth. Tonight I will have my mean face look on when I wrestle and then we party all night. There is only one person who wants to ruin all the fun tonight, the party pooper Brooke Winters. I cannot like understand so how many people can be grumpy and stupid. This world should be a happy place but people like Brooke make it very sad and boring. Brookie you associate yourself with winter and it took me a while to understand why but now I do. Winter is so dark, so sad and so bland. You are exactly the same, bland because when the wonderful fans of NCW see you, they know they will fall asleep from boredness. Tonight may be the first match ever that they watch where you are involved in it because they know the life of the party, little ME is in the match and when I am involved everything is better. Don't be so moody tonight because tonight's match will be very special, I will win but you will have loads of fun, like EPIC. modest lds prom party selections

You compare yourself to a goddess but how can you compare yourself to me, look at me, I am so beautiful and everyone likes me. You must be so sad, everyone thinks you are a sad woman, always dark and always angry. This does not do you good and you will forever be known in the depths of history as an old grumpy lady. I won't be surprised if you will grow old and have lots of cats because no one else will want to be around you. So maybe you should call yourself the Cat Goddess or the Grumpy Old Lady but definitely not a woman of NCW. I realized that I needed to bring change and I promise I will have the best outfit tonight because you can look hot and kick ass. Tonight is the start of the FUN Season, now I have to go and buy that dress because it so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute."

Allie grabs the dress and gives a kiss to the camera before walking off to go and buy the dress

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