off the shoulder wedding dress

A true story of five men i had the good fortune to have known, four oppressed one the oppressor. A Spaniard, Jose Diaz Stone Mason by trade a quiet but bitter man who fought against the Franco's Fascist regime. Forced to leave the Country he loved to avoid certain death. In 1965 Jose Diaz fell to his death on a job site in Southern California.

A Norwegian, Burgie Brick Mason by trade a jumpy small frame man four pack a day smoker his third and fourth fingers stained yellow ... with nicotine. A resistance fighter captured by Nazis and forced to work in a ball bearing factory until his liberation.

A Hungarian Jew, Shandor Finta Stone Mason by trade. A small man with deformed body bushy eye brows sparkly eyes and pencil mustache. A survivor of Auschwitz with faded numbers on his left arm.

A Polish Jew, Fred Jacoby Carpenter by trade a quiet medium size man with thick glasses and spoke with a lisp. A survivor of Auschwitz with severe nerve damage and faded numbers on his left arm.

A German, Herman Huer Stone Mason by trade. Tank Commander under field Erwin Rommel (Desert Fox) 7 th. Panzer Division Captured in Africa by Patton. A large man who spoke with a heavy accent and left no doubt as to his superiority. An Aryan white supremacist working next to me. One day Herman went to far with personal insults. As i was preparing him for a trip to the E.R all i could think of was Shandor's deformed body, faded tattoos and gas chambers. off the shoulder wedding dress

These men shared their horrific stories with me in detail. The oppressor appears, organizes local officials to convince its citizens to disarm (for their own safety) a short walk to waiting cattle cars and death. I know the truth.

I am witness, to eye-witness survivors of the Holocaust. Don't allow DIRTY BIRDS to convince you to betray the Second Amendment and the wisdom of our Founding Fathers. They got it right.....they also knew the truth. Have a good day.

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