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RANT OF THE DAY: My daughter Kazaleya who is 2 years old came home from day care at TERAPA COMMUNITY KINDY last week with 2 bruises on her inner thighs one on each leg unexplained. I made a complaint to the manager asking why she had come home with two unexplained bruises on her inner thighs near her vagina with no incident report filled out none mentioned nothing to me when they dropped her off nothing at all. The daycare then said they are sorry but none noticed any bruises on her legs throughout the day. Yet before I had sent her to school I had showered her and she had nothing but then when she came home she had two BIG bruises NEAR HER INNER THIGHS ON EACH LEG >:( The daycare tried to say they change the kids bum at 3.30pm so my question was how come half an hour before she was sent home the teacher who changed her bum didn't notice these big bruises on her legs before she was dropped off home at 4pm??? Which is half an hour early to her enrolled time she was supposed to finish. Just bloody lucky i was home. The daycare then said they would carry out an investigation to find out what had happened. When I went in and talked to the head teacher I asked her to check the records of who changed her bum last she did and on the form nothing was recorded for the hole day. SLACK. They then ring me today apologize and say they've asked all the teachers and none knows nothing and that's all they can do. Pretty much sweeping it under the carpet. My daughter is 2 years old and does not have a voice of her own yet, and because I am her mother it is my job to protect her. I'm so upset and disgusted that "That is all they can do" This isn't the first time this daycare has been heard of for kids being hit either by the teachers or other kids. Two other parents have reached out to me and told me they've had to pull their kids out because of "Unexplained bruises" Or others hitting their kids. This is so wrong in so many ways never again. So to all the whanau and friends whos kids go to TERAPA COMMUNITY KINDY please be careful and watch out for our babies especially the ones who don't have a voice yet. on sale wedding wear options in pink color