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Listen up, friends! ZINC FOR COLDS. You want it, and you want the right kind, so it will actually work effectively. I do believe in the placebo effect, but in the case of nasty COLD germs that are keeping some people laid up for up to TWO WEEKS, you want the real thing! If you haven't gotten sick yet, I suggest ordering the tabs from the link in the comments, and have on hand to take at the very FIRST sign of any cold.

Seriously amazing to have these on hand in your arsenal a ... gainst the cold bug. Sucking on ZINC ACETATE lozenges changes the chemistry of the mouth and throat to make it inhospitable to cold viruses. Most manufacturers don't use the right form of zinc, and even if they do, they add citric acid to make the lozenges taste palatable, not realizing that the acids bind with the zinc ions rendering them ineffective.

I can attest to the fact that they work, as the other day, I had a nasty, NASTY cold come on like a TON of bricks. I was suddenly achy, sneezy, and felt MISERABLE. I sucked a tab every half hour, along with mass amounts of Vitamin C (I'm a believer in ascorbic acid, but I know not everyone is) and also a steady intake of my new fave herb, Andrographis. The next day, I woke up feeling like NEW - seriously it was a MIRACLE to be that sick and well again so quickly. plus figure items for prom

(As a side note, Zinc Gluconate, which you can get through Prime much quicker than the acetate tabs I'm linking to, also work, but in studies are half as effective.)

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Zinc Lozenges Definitely Cure Colds, But Only If You Have the Right Kind Most zinc lozenges on the market are useless, but the science is strong that the right kind taken at the right time is a cure for the common