red and ruby wears for prom party

Had my first big sting since I was 12. Couldn't find an epic pen that wasn't expired or even the ones that expired this month. So benadryl it was. My parents too the kids! Thanks Melisa-Terry Gobble and Aaron Michael Brune rushed me to the ER about 3 hours ago. Got a shot and discharge directions after monitoring. I'm okay. Thankful it wasn't one that I have quicker reactions too. This one was a red wasp and by the time we got to the ER (about 15 minutes, with benadryl in system) my leg had a red swollen spot the size of Aaron's fist. Thank God it went down. I'm also thankful that the boys didn't get stung. I put mason in the babyswing when it happened . My dad found the nest after left and took care of it. (Red wasps, I think). Must have been what stung Gavin a couple weeks ago. I'm glad that nest is gone. red and ruby wears for prom party