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Exercise variety is important for keeping your joints healthy, preventing your training from getting stale, busting through a plateau, challenging yourself at different parts of the strength curve, improving weak points, and becoming more structurally balanced. Here's some common exercises you could incorporate into your training. red bodycon knee length dresses

1. TRAP BAR DEADLIFT Requires less ankle and hamstring flexibility compared to the conventional deadlift and more quads involved and a lot less lower back strain. Good for beginners, those looking to fatigue the quads and build the traps, as well as for farmers walk and grip strength.

Shoulders, elbows, and wrists can move around more freely than the bench press so great choice if the bench press is giving you discomfort. There's more range of motion meaning you can stretch and squeeze your chest more making it a better exercise for chest development.

3. LEG PRESS Great exercise to build the quads and if the squat is giving you knee pain you can try the leg press because there's less knee bend so it may not bother them. Your knees may cause you pain only when your in a deep bend.

I'll be posting more exercise choices to try but if your healthy and can perform squats, deadlifts, and bench you should definetly be doing them because they're the quickest way to build size and strength!