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Breakfast and dinner suggestions for a peanut, tree nut, soy, peas, sesame and onion-allergic 12 (almost 13) yo boy who also needs to eliminate or reduce grains sometimes?

Technically, he also tested positive to a bunch of other foods that we were told NOT to eliminate unless symptoms present or unless his EOE/GI issues/POTS are flaring. His Ige skin tests showed class 1-3 for wheat, rice, oats, rye, barley, yeast, corn, potato, salmon and shrimp. Since he has a lot of GI iss ... ues and has been homebound (i.e. missed school entirely) for almost all of last year and the year before, our local doctors and Mayo told us to drastically reduce or eliminate all grains when he is flaring. He also has oral allergy syndrome, so he gets hives and an itchy mouth when eating raw fruit or veggies that share a similar protein to his many environmental allergens. The doctors won't start shots for his environmental allergens (which could theoretically help the OAS and all of the above since his overall Ige and asthma could potentially improve) until at least January if his asthma improves. red sexy prom dresses

He is (mostly) in school this year, but just wrapping up a two-day flare after we stupidly let him eat Stouffer's lasagne that has soy sauce in it. Tired of meat and veggies...anyone have suggestions for kid-friendly breakfasts and dinners that will work during "regular" times and/or flareups?

Big fan of Against the Grain cookbook and some Paleo recipes and overall feeling much better about things since we have a clearer understanding of what's causing all of this and a clear plan for how to fix it and address flareups, but looking for more ideas. TIA!!!

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