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When the sun is setting out towards the far west, have you enjoyed your long day and was it the best. The moon will rise soon way on off to the east, the dark in the sky will soon follow the beast.

The dead will all wrestle within their deep graves, tonight is the night that they will all be raised. The witches and warlocks all praying together, are calling them out regardless the weather.

The moon now is climbing faster and higher, passing rooftops, factories, and even tall spires. Wind blowing strong now cold and bone chilling, blows into you face hypnotizing you willing.

The sisters were calling just barely a whisper,the songs they had sung heard from all five of the sisters. The first one was Liddy all dressed in bright red, her hands were bruised from beating so many dead.

The second was Lauren the one we all loved, she had smiles and wishes from heaven above. Her sisters did hate her, they loathed her so badly. Lauren was killed and has left this world sadly.

Jenny came third and was wise for her years, she was nice to the others grinning from ear to ear. Her sisters all had bad wishes for Jenny, they made her do work hard paying her only a penny.

Lilly was fourth and was known as the leader, she made all the rules because she was just meaner. The sisters were frieghtened by Lilly forever, she held all of their souls by lying so clever.

Now lastly is Anna the witch from down under, the sister so foul she made even him wonder. The devil was able to keep all of them prisoner, Lilly fought back using strength like a winner.

Anna was strange and raised wrong by the family, cast out on the street through a slimey back alley. The devil had found her curled up and wet crying, he gave her a home all the time to her lying.

A dream world he gave her all peaches and cream, while keeping her sleeping and stealing her dreams. The dreams were all creamy and filled with bright flowers, the devil he kept her captive up high in the tower.

The wind was now howling the leaves tossed about crazy, the ground was all black the night now foggy and hazy. Songs heard far away just a while ago, were louder and closer with each glancing blow.

The sisters now glowing like torches on fire, on top of me burning like hot melting wires. First Liddy was biting my hand and my fingers, the smell to this day it still does so terribly linger.

Lauren was shy and seemed very suspicious, she did not want for me to have these bad wishes. The wishes she gave me such a long time ago, were wishes of good and wholesome dreams don't you know.

The devil took Jenny deeper into his lare, you he told her have no need to dispare. He kept her all hidden from the whole world to see, why so angry this man who the devil was he.

After hiding Jenny that left only Lilly at best, she tricked the Devil then stabbed deep into his chest. The blood ran black oozing like oil, the heart Lilly stabbed instantly covered in boils.

The Devil died crying curled up in a ball, lying while dying on his own castle floor. Lilly had killed him his heart she did stab, the Devil now deadnow the whole world seemed glad.

The power now shifted from the Devil to Lilly, the lies he once kept using the world he made silly. But things that were passed between the devil and Lilly, would change the whole world stopping the silly.

The sun now glowed red the sky turning all pink, the warlocks and witches brought up a big stink. The dead that they conjurred all messy and dripping, were now all alive falling and slipping.

The words that the witches called out in the night, were only words heard in the ears filled with fright. It wasn't the words that were doing the killing, it was Lilly herself now killing the willing.

On that night till this day now barely remembered, a tale from the grave that Lilly surrendered. God reached out with his hand and touched Lilly's left cheek, she fell down the hole filled now with the devils old stink. ruffle wedding dress