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today, my newborn turns 8 months old.

Uzziah Jeuel,

today is ur 8 months bday, 8 months ago at 5:11 pm i saw u for the first time,37 weeks after i carried u inside my womb. dat minute was the best 60 seconds of my entire life,& i remember each one. i'll never forget the way u cried & looked,i looked at u wet,slightly purple,& perfect. it was the most shocking, confusing,exciting moment of my life thus far. ...
i will always see u dat way when i look at u,no matter how old u get, it has not been an easy journey so far,but its been wonderful & rewarding everyday. u will always be my 7 pounds, sticky little boy. everyday u smile & laugh. u touched my face, sometimes pocking me in the eyes & sticking ur fingers up my nose. u get older everytime i blink but u still look like a newborn to me. sexy style mother of the bride or groom outfits
i know ur getting older. u'r growing,& one day u'll want to grow up completely i wont try to stop u or hold u back. but no matter how old u get or how much u grow, u'll always be my newborn.

today my newborn turns 8 months old, & i can't believe it. I love you,& today i'll hold u a little tighter while i still can...

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