short length prom and formal collections

These are some things I did with Karen Cravens:

Karen took me to see the movie I, Robot
Karen took me to see the movie the hulk when it came out
Karen took me to see the movie x-men 3 when it came out
Karen took me to see the Bourne Supremacy - that's the second one
Karen also took me to see the Bourne Ultimatum

Karen likes to take me to this pasta pace in downtown dallas that knows both our names because I am half italian and they serve seafood there like shrimp, scallops and lobster tails - try their garavinia clams, there great

Karen brought me to her house to drink vanilla milk shakes a couple times

Karen likes eating at McDonalds so we've eaten there 10 times

Karen likes churchs so she's taken me to her church to do wednesday night and saturday afternoon things

Karen likes steak and coleslaw so she takes me to weird steak restaraunts and brings coleslaw with her becasue they never serve it at any steak restaraunts

Karen likes sushi because I got her to eat a piece once and she's taken me to Royal Sushi House in fort worth to eat the good stuff a couple times too.

Karen and me rent a movie and watch it at her house sometimes - we've done it 6 times

Karen likes dresses - big nice pretty dresses wtih frillies and jewelry that looks nice with them (silver not gold) so she takes me to the mall and a dress shop that her aunt owns in Dallas and buys one for herself since she knows I have no money.

I bought Karen a dress once and she keeps it in a vault in her basement. It's not just becasue it's expensive.

Karen likes to go fishing on a yacht. She has a yacht and I've been out fishing with her in Avine Texas. She really knows her bait and she really knows you need a big hook and everyone else uses a little tiny hook and always looses 5 fish a day on a fishing trip.

Karen likes sweets so she makes me tell her places that make good desert in california becasue she knows my boss at warner and warner has a building in L.A. that isn't their main headquarters so Karen has got plane tickets to eat at Harry's Icing house, Jamal's ice cream and bread, The Hell House and Fora de mode. All of these places are in California but not all of them are in Los Angelas.

Karen Likes The Hell House the best becasue they have hot fudge.

Karen took me to spain once so we could go on a beach that no one goes to.

Karen took me to Corpus Cristi once and got me drunk with her friends becasue she knows I start joking really badly when I'm drunk and her friends really liked it and they told me all the gross stuff they've ever said in their life.

Karen took me to a McDonalds once in oklahoma that serves tacos and got a double quarter pounder like she usually does and told me they serve tacos there so nobody knows they have special beef in their burgers.

Kern also likes to eat crunchy deep fried things so I told her there was a place in California that serves 9 styles tempura with ata-ori-kosi wheat in it and yu-ka-kama-ka-uro-sa-uro-ya-kame deep frying oil and Karen liked it so much she took me over to the Hell house so she could get some hot fudge on icecream with big chewy browny pieces in it. The Japanese place is called Japanese Lite and they like custromers and they have a tempura challenge. Yum.

Karen took me to eat at chile's and got mad that we weren't in california so I told her to get extra guacamole on her guacamole burger and a nachos appetizer with guacamole all on it (it cost like 10 dollars more becasue of all the guacamole) and she made out with me behind the place for an hour and a half for giving her guacamole.

I don't really want to talk about the times me and Karen made out and things but some of these times above may be some times that me and Karen kissed for a really long time.

I think Karen tells people we don't date becasue some people get cranky about it who have already been told she takes me out a couple times a year and kinda never gets to see me enough. She took me to some school dances and she ditched school dances after she got her dad to buy her a dress and would come hang with me in her dress. We went out to eat, we went to a against school prom beer party, we went to her aunts house who was out of town and hung out alone all night drinking whiskey shots and laughing about TV commercials and this video she had of somebody pranking Peyton Reed 50 times.

That video was the best - we walks into this guy Brians house thinking he's gonna get Brians dad's car and he gets handed this iced coffee with 10 pills of tasteless creamy laxative in it and drinks the whole thing down becasue Brian had his friend take him out to play basketball before the party so he needed a drink really badly and then Brian takes peyton in the backyard and tells shows Peyton this custom made giant kiddy pool full of cow manewer mixed with water to just the right texture so it was like paisty and tells peyton he's gonna tell his girlfriend that he stole her panites and put them up on a pole at school if he doesn't eat a handful of it. Then Peyton shoves this handful of it in his mouth fast and drinks it fast so he can't taste it and starts rolling around on the ground and diarrhea starts shooting out his butt onto his pants while he's rolling around on the ground. short length prom and formal collections

His girlfreind walks up and says she already knew - and this is why i like this one - so then he jumps into the big pool of poop like somehow in one jump over the tall kiddy pool and sits in the pool crying and asking if he can call his mom.

Another couple of good pranks is like when peyton thought he was on a water slide but then the pool was filled with paisty manewer or when he thought this girl liked him and then she feeds him a manewer browny. They did a bunch of menewer stuff to Peyton.

It's even better all the parts where he's throwing up manewer after every prank. 50 pranks on the video I promise.

Anyway, I told Karen that I got Peyton to eat some Manewer once too by telling him it was a new drink called ensure with wheat in it... He liked the taste of mine... She told me i did such a good job she was gonna go get me lollypop but I had to eat it in the bedroom. huh huh.

Karen likes getting me to tell sarcatic jokes by telling me about weird stuff people does too. She got a 15 minute video of it once when we were sitting in her friends hot tub with big mike and Carolin Pretzel and some of big mikes friends and their girlfriends.

That is Karen's old friends from highschool. I know she has more friends nowadays. She used to bring me up to Carolin's so we could hang with big mike and the guys because they started hanging at her house after Big Mike's parents got back together and bought a house. Big Mike's dad started working for channel 5 (fox) here in Dallas back then and started making some cash money.