short sleeve bridesmaid dress

I was still licking the DRINK off the dress of my uncle's fiancee when someone kicked the gate open. It's my uncle. It's a habit he can't stop, ever. He is used to opening the gate and even doors by kicking it with his shoe.
What brought him home by that time of the day?
I quickly rushed to my room. Aunty kutish rushed to the bathroom to shower.
I pretended to be sleeping.
My uncle entered inside jubilating, "My heart beat," that's how he calls his fiancee. "Nothing is going to stop us from doing our white wedding this year. I have been promoted at work," he said while he moved from one room to the other. short sleeve bridesmaid dress
He came to my room and noticed I was sleeping then he walked out.
"Where are u my heart beat?" he seemed to be so happy?
Aunty kutish answered him from the bathroom and he went to meet her.
"I just came to get a document," he told her, then I heard that annoying sound. I knew their lips met.....and he bided her goodbye.
I felt like... In fact I can't find the word to tell how I felt. The word is not yet out even in the English Oxford dictionary.
My uncle kicked the door open with his shoe and then he kicked the gate and he was gone.
"POMPE , pls bring me the towel I washed outside."
I got up and rushed to get the towel.
I got the towel and bursted in her room without knocking.
"Why didn't u knock before coming in?" she yelled.
"But I didn't know I would meet u naked," I tried to defend my self.
"Just cut the crab," she told me. "I must see your nakedness too."
And she started struggling with my short.
I turned to run out of her room and she grabbed the waist part of my short and tore it open revealing my thing which was dangling like a simple pendulum.
She filled the room with her devilish laughter. She seemed so happy at the sight of my nakedness. It's really strange. Really really.
What does she hope to achieve from me?
"But I should have knocked before entering" I thought with regret.
But with this her strange behaviour,
Who knows what's gonna happen next in that house?
"Help me O' God," I prayed silently.