sweet 16 court wears

Back on April 15th of this year I lost my grandmother. My grandpa's love of his life, 65 years of marriage and my true example of real love. He is 86 years old and lost his high school sweetheart, no one can ever mend that for him, but you can try to keep his spirits uplifted. sweet 16 court wears

I never went to prom and I know I won't have him around for my wedding sadly, so this was my way of professional semi formal pictures. He had no idea what was going on besides that I took him into a sto ... re and all of a sudden he was being measured (Mens Warehouse), and then I picked out his tie color behind his back. This was a huge part of my passion for him and his love of open arms for anyone.

If you look closely in the photo, the ring I am wearing is my Grandmothers wedding ring that I have never taken off since she left us. Real love is sacrifice, passion, pushing forward in life together and benefiting each other; my grandparents did that for themselves and me.

Please don't take your grandparents, aunts and uncles for granted as you may never know if that's the last experience you have with them. Cherish them, spoil them and most of all show your true love.

Thank you Men's Warehouse for allowing this amazing suit to be rented, Torrid for the amazing dress, and The Picture People for making this shoot happen.

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