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Top Ten Markiplier Videos

#4 - Five Nights at Freddy's

Now, like I talked about before, Markiplier got his kick into stardom thanks to games like Five Nights at Freddy's and it wouldn't be fair to put this game on the list for not only because it is one of his most popular videos to post, but it still holds a lot of hilarity that is Markiplier. ...
This video is also one of the reasons why Five Nights at Freddy's is now a multi-million dollar franchise. Before this was made, this game came into stores (or on Steam) and not too many people were thrilled to buy it. That is, until YouTube gamers, especially Markiplier began to play it and showed everyone what a scare-fest is was back then. Thanks to them, this series is one of the most popular games around and still talked about to this day. FNAF is considered to be the reawakening of Jump-scares in video games. Up til now, we've only had Resident Evil and Silent Hill as the two scary juggernauts along with Slenderman, but then this Chuck-e-Cheese spin off of a series began to take over and now you can buy stuffed animals of these animatronics that want to bite your face off. tea length prom dresses 2019
What's even funnier is what it takes to scare Markiplier. Again, he holds no punches to when something scares him. He lets you know...and it's hilarious. Watch him in any of his scary games...I'll bet you anything you'll be scared too, and laugh just as much.

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