two piece items for homecoming party

I've seen a bunch of questions about the dress code, so here's y'alls low down (from a current junior).
Class dress:
ladies: skirts & dresses must be mid thigh length. The dress code says it has to be 2 inches above the knee but I've never found this to be true. You may want to wear a pair of spandex or shorts under your skirts and dresses because it's real windy. If you wear a crop top make sure you have high waisted bottoms on because they will ask you to leave class for a midriff showing. tank tops and sleeveless shirts have to be modest (so no spaghetti straps and make sure your boobs aren't falling out). I have witnessed profs sending students home for wearing a tank top that didn't offer enough support. no shorts. you gotta wear a shirt long enough to cover your bum if you're wearing leggings. if you have a cut off make sure your bra isn't showing. no sweat pants or pajammie pants. two piece items for homecoming party
men: no shorts. no tank tops. no sweat pants or pajammie, although you may find you can get away with joggers. if you wear a cut off t-shirt (muscle shirt??) make sure it covers ya tummy and ya nipples bc i dont wanna see those and neither does your prof.
gym wear: (for both ladies and males the gym rules are a lot more lenient than class dress).
ladies: same leggings rule applies here, but it's much more lenient. shorts are okay. tanks are okay, but same rule applies here. you may not wear just a sports bra (this rule is one you MAY NOT bend - you will be asked to leave or to put a shirt on). you must have your torso covered. sweats are fine.
men: ya gotta keep ya shirt on. you can wear shorts, you can wear sweats. you could wear a tuxedo if you really wanted to. you could wear a muscle shirt, just make sure you're covered.
ladies: a one piece that covers ya bits and bobs or a dark tshirt over your 2 piece. i think tankinkis are okay as long as most of you is covered. you don't have to wear shorts.
men: im not sure of this, but i think yall can take your shirt off to swim. you have to wear swimming trunks or other shorts in the pool.
Besides that, everything else is pretty much okay. just be smart about it. Try it at your own risk, as some RA's are stricter than others. If you have questions feel free to ask.
PS - both ladies and gentlemen can wear shorts after 4:30 p.m. in academic buildings unless you're in a class room (I think that's the rule? I could be wrong on the time)