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I was abused and left to die. I was stripped of my dignity, I was worth nothing to this human. I cannot speak to tell you the secrets I hold inside, but my eyes and my heart will whisper my secrets to you, if you are willing to listen. I was found dragging my body by my front legs. I was so tired but my instinct to survive was strong. I believed my Savior would come. By the grace of God, I was saved and I was given a chance to fight for my life. I am semi-paralyzed and no one ... wants me because of my medical fees. I have started to develop bed sores from being in a cage at the hospital most of the time. I am only 7 months old, and I yearn for what others have - Love and a Home. Please give me a chance to show you that I am worth fighting for.
Are there any charities or organizations out there willing to open your hearts to help me? Please help tag and share to any organizations that can give this beautiful Baby a chance. If you can help, please pm April Tang, Rita Wong or Nom Aly
2017-09-22 Semi-Paralyzed Dog Needs Help!
On 2017-08-20 NAPT (National Animal Protection Team)rescued a semi-paralyzed very run-down 7-month old dog from a factory area. The girl was found dragging herself with front legs, her back legs just skin and bones, Staff at the hospital were shocked from the horror they saw on Ding Dang's legs. It is believed that she was struck with a heavy blow on her back causing this permanent damage to her legs. After medical check-up, Ding Dang was discovered to have contracted Parvo which is now being treated. v neck lace wedding dress
This poor fella's broken legs was left untreated for too long before she was discovered hence the self-recovering bones is now touching the nerves making Ding Dang unconscious of her call to defecate. The vet feels that surgery is needed to correct it but the rescuers are unable

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