what wedding apparels to wear for 2nd wedding bride

Question.....why do people love light skinned more than dark skinned..... when I look at my skin I used to feel Superior like yes I'm beautiful and even white men want me but then I learned what being light skinned meant during slavery......most of you bitches might want to listen up as to what makes us more appealing.....
#1. We were bed wenches.....yes lady's we were light enough to share master bed but he'd never admit we were anything other than a nigger on the plantation
#2. All females light or dark were to be broken by our master and then 12-14 was an adult age master would pop our cherry
#3. While master craved us his white wife hated us which lead to her accusing us of shit we really weren't doing but the punishment was amputation or death
#4. Our babies were sold off like cartons of milk.....only in the movie Mandingo is our babies left with us (Jewish production) but to white people we were commodity and later in life if you were still able to breed sometimes the man chosen was your son and only master knew......they had the nerve to laugh like we knew when the slave was only ever given the Bible to read (which should tell you how fake it is because when has white people done anything to help us but yet they give us the Bible)
So when white people ask why can't we let it go or just forget it's a spit in our face because we shouldn't have to explain what's American history to those who stole America and named it America because dis isn't America it's whatever the Sioux Indians named it but we'll never know since thier all on reservation's......all I know is I've breeded with whites and honestly I'm addicted to some of their men but if I had to choose I'll always stand with my own.....if God exist why let us become slaves and our bloodline poisoned with their babies why not keep our beautiful black blood pure what wedding apparels to wear for 2nd wedding bride