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Need your thought process: lexi had knee surgery February 2nd. She had her first follow up on February 16th, where she had her first positive strep of this year. Since then, she has had three additional positive strep tests, and two other times of a negative strep test with high fever, severe sore throat, white spots on throat, and swollen lymph nodes. They have treated her with antibiotics and steroids. We had her back in the ER last night with 103.4 fever, severely sore thr ... oat, difficulty breathing, white spots in throat, and really really sick. Strep and mono were negative. She was started on a z pack. Very sick still today with 103-104 fever. Also has stomach pain on upper left left side and lower right side. Has barely been able to eat anything and then threw up tonight after her shower. She is burning up again and really sick. What are we missing?!?! What is going on?!?! Who do I go to for answers? She is scheduled for surgery for tonsils and adenoids June 29, but we were told in the ER that they won't be able to do surgery if she is sick. It is so hard to see her like this. white prom dresses 2019

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