wrap bridesmaid dresses

FOREVER MEMORY PACKS for babies and children "gone too soon".
From early miscarriage/ectopic through to young adult we gift free of charge in the UK & Ireland from our 4 teams.
Made from wedding dresses and wool. Along with memory items for the all the family plus a certificate of life.
ANGEL WINGS also had 14 private support groups here on Facebook for all family members of all different losses up to child adult and suicide.
CUDDLE COTS and SNUGGLE MATS we fundraise and gift these for babies and children giving the only extra time possible before they are laid to rest. wrap bridesmaid dresses
AMY'S WINGS our Fundraiser with beautiful gifts, many personalised and 100% funds to Angel Wings.... https://www.facebook.com/amyswings21/
NEO-NATAL & Paediatric wards also recieve our special traffic light & Santa hats besides our bedside packs.